About Tobias Morgan Creatives/Studios

Where it all Began... 1988

In 1988 was when i started getting serious about being a photographer. It was right after I was married when I realized that I was really good at photography. All of my family kept telling me thatI should become a photographer because I created really great impactful images. The only thing was since I came from an engineering background I could not just wing-it, like most others in the industry did. So I researched the top wedding and portrait photographers in the U.S. and studied with them for weeks at a time for almost 10 years. My philosophy was I needed rules on how things were done and why they were done. This gave me a solid foundation to start with. A year later I opened my first store front studio.

1992 (Tobias became a Certified Professional Photographer)

My first milestone in my career was when I became a Certified Professional Photographer. "CPP" I studied for months straight to prepare for the 4 hr comprehensive written exam measuring your technical expertise given by the Professional Photographers of America. Most people have to take it more than once to pass. I aced it the first time. I also had to submit 10 images that were reviewed by a panel of judges to be of professional caliber. That was easy with my education and background. I have had to keep on my toes ever since, because being a CPP you must renew your credentials every 5 years with continuing education, submitting your work for critical evaluation, or retaking the certification exam. Visit Certifiedphotographer.com for more info.

1999 (We open our 2nd studio and Tobias Morgan Studios was born)

In 1999 was when i opened my second studio, Tobias Morgan Studios. It was located in Verona, NJ. This is were I kicked my skills into high gear. I was recently remarried, I just left B&H Photo & Video after I worked for them for almost 4 yrs. Where I was one of 3 people that started their digital department. The world was looking great!. I built my dream studio, right on the corner of a busy intersection. (location, location, location!) Within 2 years my sales were over a quarter of a million dollars! This is when I started my first website. www.tmsphoto.com. It was a flash website that I designed. This is also when I turned up the volume on my graphic design skills. I bought Quark Xpress and started to create all the company's literature on it. Everything from flyers to tri-fold brochures to business cards to booklet hand outs for clients. I even created forms for the back end of the studio. Over the years I used to show my designs to my peers and they all used to say that I could sell the designs to other photographers, but I elected to keep the advantages to my self...

2002 (Tobias becomes a Photographic Craftsman)

In 2002 I became a Photographic Craftsman. This degree was for speaking to other photographers around the country on photographic principles. I was sought after because of my background in digital imaging, along with my desire to have the latest and greatest of technology. Yes I am a techno geek... But with digital in its infancy, everyone was looking to me for advice on what to do and what not to do. I started to give seminars on "Digital Weddings". The word caught on and I was lecturing all over the country. Now I was even adding to my repertoire Color Management and Printer Profiling. At this stage in the game I was GOD. In December 2002 I purchased the Canon EOS 1DS, 11.7 mega pixel 35mm camera. That was the end of my film days. I never shot another piece of film since. I know friends that shot film until 2010. OMG the $$ wasted! At this time I was even being approached to write articles in professional trade magazines on the subjects that I spoke about.

2005 (Tobias Morgan Studios moves to a bigger location)

in 2005 I moved the studio to a new bigger location, where the shooting room was over 600 sq ft. with higher ceilings and windows along 1 entire side (north light!) This studio was not in as great location as the previous but was larger and almost half the rent. This is when I turned the marketing into high gear. I did my research on email marketing and started to follow through on my business plan and create my emails that went out almost weekly. Not bad for a 2 person shop.... I tracked the emails and seen what was working and what wasn't. Created new marketing strategies to keep current with the trends and to keep the business thriving. In 2006 I earned the degree of Master of Photography. It was a special moment in my life, It took almost 8 years to achieve it. It was well worth it in the end.

2006 (Tobias Morgan becomes a Master Photographer)

In 2006 only a few years after I earned my Photographic Craftsman degree, I finally attained the prestigious Master Photographer degree from the PPA, It was not an easy feat to accomplish. I needed to obtain 25 merits and the max that you could get is only 4 per year. I had to enter every yearly competition and win blue ribbons every time. The funny thing about this was the majority of other photographers entered the competitions with images that they knew the judges would like, i.e. landscape photography. Myself on the other hand entered ALL my competitions with actual clients imagery. This is one of the reasons I was known in the photographic circles as one of the best photographers in NJ.

2010 (Tobias Morgan Studios Moves to our now Home Based Studio)

In 2010 I decided to close the studio. The world of photography was changing. New Technology made it so easy for everyone to become a photographer. I seen the writing on the wall back in 2005 when the digital cameras were finally good enough and the portraiture clientele were dropping dramatically so decided to move the studio to my house to cut overhead. The benefit was I only was going to shoot weddings and outdoor portraits, so the storefront really wasn't necessary anymore. The economy was another factor. Then there is the digital imaging factor. In 2000 there were 60,000 photographers in the US, in 2007 there were 130,000. That is over double the amount in just 7 years. Kodak called it in the year 2000 that 1/2 of the photographers in the US will be in a different career by 2005. Digital made it so easy for anyone to become a photographer. But it wasn't just the photo industry that was changing, it was every technology industry that was changing. Music, Printers, Photo Labs.... They were all victims of technology.

2012 (Tobias Morgan Creatives was born!)

In 2012 I wanted to diversify, so purchased the newest Canon Hi End DSLR camera, This camera also did HD Video. The moment I saw the quality that came from it I was completely hooked and never looked back! Since then I have studied intensely about making movies, commercials and finally found my calling in creating cinematic wedding films. OMG I could not describe the joy that I get from creating a tear jerking short cinematic film for a couple. Since the word got out about me filming weddings I have been booked almost every weekend from spring thru late fall. Since I was no longer only doing photography I wanted to change the name of the business to something more creative..... LOL Hence Tobias Morgan Creatives was Born.